Majority of us do not have financial advantage once we are born. I sure as hell didn’t. Half of us are born into low income families and are lucky enough to have a pot to piss in and two parents involved with our upbringing( no disrespect to the grandparents, aunts, uncles etc.) That’s why we are often sold an American dream. Of course, we are born in America and often accept the values that are instilled in us since birth. Finish school, go to college, and find a job. Or finish school, go to college, get drafted. Yes, we are often  hypnotized by the American corporations because they provide us financial stability. We imagine what it would be like if we had wealth. Usually a big house, expensive cars, and vacationing in exotic places.

Our  hypnosis to American corporations begins in grade school. Often threaten by the words, I’m gone beat yo ass if you act up again in class. I aint raisin no fool so you gone make something of yourself. Now some of my black folk know that grade school can make or break you. It is here, where we discover who we truly are. Some of us understand the value of grade school and do our best not jeopardize our chances of success. We also see different American corporations and which ones we want to be a part of. Let’s use an example of a young black man who wants to play in the NFL, which is a popular American Corporation. He will do everything possible to receive recognition from the college scouts (plantation overseers) in order to increase his chances of being drafted into the NFL. Sure, he may love the sport, but it also represents an institution that will provide him with an escape from a 9-5 or the nightmares of poverty. This young man also sees the NFL as faster way to achieve financial success.

What about the young black man  who wants to work for a major business firm in America? ( another plantation) His financial success will surely take much longer than the young man who wants to play in the NFL. This young man will have to spend many years in higher education and take a series of standardized tests. At the same time, he must work in order to enhance his resume and gain experience because American Corporations rarely hire someone with little experience. To this particular black male, this business firm sells him a dream of being important and finally achieving financial stability. Both of these young men have dreams and expect for these major American Corporations to fulfill those dreams.

While it is good to set goals and work hard towards achieving them, the Black community fails to be consciously aware of the true definition of what it means to work for an American corporation. These corporations want you to think, act, and speak a certain way. Any disagreements will jeopardize your precious salary and way of living. Black professionals in any level must be careful on how they show feelings of amiability, especially in response to racial and political issues. In other words, working for American corporations forces you to compromise any beliefs that you may have had prior to working for your dream corporation.

I am ecstatic that our youth have dreams and aspirations. They are making powerful moves to accomplish their goals and continue to set the bar for upcoming youth. However, let’s stop teaching our youth to be employees. Instead, teach them how to be employers. Sure, they may have to be employed at a major American Corporation to see how things are done, yet understand that working for American Corporations should be done for a short period of time. During this time, develop a business plan that is going create more jobs for the African American community. Continue this trend and watch how our communities flourish.