As a kid, I would do just about everything that the other kids would do, except for the sex and drugs. There was no way I would jeopardize myself or parents. I would try to watch the latest shows, where the latest fashion, and learn all the lyrics to the new songs and try to recite them at school. In all, I just wanted to be normal and fit in. For the most part,  it worked. After a while, I got tired of working so hard to fit in with the kids at school and before long, I didn’t care. Eventually, I became known as the lame kid.  I didn’t care because I had other obligations to focus on, such as studying for the SAT’s so that I could get into college. Around the age of 18, I accepted the fact that I was not normal.

My abnormality followed me as I began to date men. Most men ( not all) are intimidated by a woman who has and speaks her own mind and who does not fit the stereotypes that society has portrayed. As I got older, I knew what I wanted and if I felt as though you were playing games, I would cut you off within a blink of an eye.

Being abnormal has even got me fired from a job! In my early 20s, I worked for this major American Corporation. As a college student, the job paid ok and I was able to support myself on the wages that I made. However, I was often mistreated on this job. During the winter, there would be no heat, so we had to work in the cold. I was often rushed and often told my performance was low. No matter how hard I worked, it wasn’t enough. All of this tension boiled in my self-conscious. I thought, I am not a person who just sits around and lets someone talk down on me like I am the scum of the earth. Then it happened, the manager was feeding us bull**** like she would usually do every morning until I called her a liar and told her to f**** off.  Now, most people wouldn’t have said anything because they are afraid of being terminated. I admit, I should have handle it more professionally, but she had it coming!


After this incident, I realized that I can never be accepted into Corporate America. Why? For one, I can’t stomach the idea of someone talking down to me. For that reason, I am forced to speak my mind. You see, Corporate America does not take too kindly to individuals like me. For one, I can’t be contained. If I see or feel any type of injustice I will speak on it. Therefore, they can’t have workers like me working for them because I may rub off on the other employees. I cannot speak or have my own mind when working for Corporate America because their beliefs will conflict with my beliefs. For instances, I am a supporter for pro-choice. However, there are men and women who will despise me for even admitting that I am pro-choice. Imagine working with these individuals and the possible conflicts that may arise on the job. Therefore, you are forced to choose: either be silenced on your job or speak and take a risk on being terminated. Since, I am not the type of person who is afraid to speak, I must take a risk on being terminated. It’s not that I am ignorant or incompetent, but more so consciously aware of the power that American Corporations want to have over their workers. At times that power can turn into fear, and I refuse to let any Corporation have that kind of power over me.