It is not good to exercise hate

Instead, aspire to do great

Remove the proposed travel bans

You know, like the one you placed on Iran


You think you get a pass in life because you’re lighter

In reality you’re mad because I have the strength of a fighter

Uhh Ohh, you have to hide your trifling flaws

So you agree to impose cruel and inhumane laws


Why do you try so hard to hurt me?

Don’t you understand I just want to be free?

Free to be my Black self without retaliation.

This is almost impossible to achieve in any nation.


Stop blaming all the problems on a political party or race

Analyze the mirror that reveals your face

Stop thinking that your people are better than mine

Eat with me, and let’s figure out a way where we can all shine


By Ashely R. Moore- Morris

June 27, 2018